3 reasons why Palmerston North is cool.

14 10 2009

Here are three reasons why Palmie is way cool:

1. I’d chucked the bike on the back of the car and went up to Palmie and started along the river to the north east of town and had a pleasant ride alongside the Manawatu and then behind the race course once I found the town dump and I decided to go to the Square, so I rode up the Pioneer Highway and they have this off road cycle way and it’s very safe and pleasant, and every time there was a side road you had the option of continuing up to the side road and stopping and giving way to the cars (good for pedestrians) and there was also the option of dropping onto the highway in it’s own marked cycle lane and having the side road traffic have to give way to me (great for bikes). And then past the intersection you get to go up back onto the off road cycle lane. This simple little design pattern is one that should be made use of a whole lot more. Here it is going up after the intersection:

Palmerston North Bike Ride (8)

From google maps here’s a screenshot of the situation:


2. But that’s not all. Here on a backstreet where the river cycleway dropped onto the road (when it could have gone on top of the levee, but that is another story), the road has traffic calming, but the chicane is just for cars, and cyclists can go straight through to the left.

Palmerston North Bike Ride (15)

3. And back on the Pioneer Highway, when the nice off road bike path finished, and it’s onto the road, there are boxes for cyclists to get in front of the stopped cars, so they know we’re there because they can see us:

Palmerston North Bike Ride (40)

Palmie is flat, and it’s a bit of a student town. So if there ever was a scheme to make an example of any NZ city with bike infrastructure and bike riding promotion then this is surely it. They’ve made a good start to it already.



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