Wharemauku Stream

18 11 2009

It is interesting to note this post at Kapiti Independent News about the Wharemauku Stream pathways. I concur that it is a pleasant ride, except for these bastards as noted here.

John has some thoughts whilst he rides happily along, and I am rude enough to give some thoughts in red underneath.

  • 1.  The Wharemauku pathway is an iconic Kapiti Coast asset. For it to be lost to a motorway is untenable.
    It is pleasant yes. Iconic is stretching it a bit. The Otago Rail Trail is iconic. The Nation Cycleway will be iconic. A path that dumps us at the back of Coastlands isn’t going to make the 101 things to do before you’re a dead kiwi list. Still it would be a shame if the link was lost. It’d also be a shame if it went under any new road in a graffiti covered tunnel, but that may be the best we can get. Some tree and shrub plantings would be great too.
  • 2.  KCDC’s two lane community scaled proposal for the Western Link Corridor successfully embraces the Wharemauku pathway. It also embraces numerous other East/West links and features conveniently accessed shared pathways on both sides of the corridor gently weaving through delightful landscape.
    There is no funding for a 2 lane WLR. NZTA aren’t paying, KCDC aren’t paying. So tip-toeing amongst the tulips of the fantasy dreamscape is hoo-haa language. Even if a 2 lane WLR was built and there were bike lanes I’d still ride the Rosetta Road, Marine Parade, Manly Street, Otaihanga Bridge route anyway. In fact that route and the Matai, Rimu and Arawhata Roads route is pretty much why there should never be money wasted on a 2 lane WLR, as parallel existing roads exist. I reckon the noise from road traffic on either a 2-lane or 4 lane WLR would make the ride unplesant anyway. In the event there isn’t a 4 lane WLR, there should be a zero lane WLR, but still with the walkways, bridle ways and cycleways. Now that would be pleasant.
  • 3.  Walking and riding across and along KCDC’s two lane WLR will be a joy for cyclists, walkers and horse riders alike, for their children and for future generations to come.
    There already is a pleasant bike route  along Rosetta Road, Marine Parade, Manly Street, Otaihanga Bridge to Peka Peka and it’s called the Kapiti Coastal Cycle Route. Efforts should be made to put in a commuter bikeway across QE Park, sealing the Waikanae River cycleways and linking them in an off highway (and off beach) link to the Otaki River cycleways, which we should also seal. Then there’d be a safe pleasant route the length of Kapiti, and we have our part of the National Cycleway. Wharemauku can be a marked local spur to Coastlands, but it won’t be anything but of minor importance.

I’d like to see more from John. The more of us enjoying cycling and promoting it amongst those currently missing out the better.



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18 11 2009
Alan Tristram

Hi Matthew, we appreciate comments at http://Kapiti Independent News but if you are going to leave links to other websites please leave a link on yours to our site as well

18 11 2009

Glad to.

15 12 2009
What were their vested interests? « Keep Kapiti Idiot Free

[…] to make sure there are safe crossings of tunnels or underpasses at strategic places. Like at the Wharemauku Stream. She’s got to make sure cyclists and pedestrians can use the new bridge over the Waikanae and […]

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