Fixing the Fraser Ave, Johnsonville deathtrap

21 11 2009

The Wellington City Council as part of their Johnsonville Shopping District Over-intensification efforts were discussing how to make the J’ville centre a safer place for pedestrians and cyclists. Have a look here for the WCC Strategy meeting and in particular point 5.

It is good to see them thinking about pedestrians and cyclists, but it is also pretty clear they’ve never ridden a bike through Johnsonville. This is after all a vital part of the link between Wellington and Porirua and as such is part of the route of the National Cycleway. As part of this they propose to rejig the Fraser Ave intersection. Here is a detail of what they’re proposing:

The half moon-about is a good idea, but let’s improve this for cyclists:

Firstly lets put an off ramp for the cyclist coming up from the south on the footpath alongside the  J’ville off ramp, and protect it with not only red painted markings on the road, but a raised kerb, with a safety railing on top. The green painted cycle lane will then continue all the way to Middleton Road. The vehicles on the J’ville off ramp, if they want to turn left into Fraser Avenue or Corlett Street will have to give way to cyclists in the marked cycle lane.

Next notice the exit from the RSA Bottle-O is a left turn only, with a raised median preventing any fancy manoeuvres getting across to Fraser Ave.

The halfmoon-abouters coming from Fraser Avenue or Corlett Street can turn left or right at the give way sign. There should be room for one vehicle in the centre refuge for those turning right.

Next there is a raised median the whole way up to Disraeli Street stopping people turning right from the north into the Shell Station, and all people turning left into or left out of the Shell Station have to give way to cyclists in the marked cycling lane.

Heading south there should be a ramp just past the auto electrician to get onto the footpath just before it enters the tunnel to head down to Newlands. The cycleway should be on the footpath from there on.

What is the extra cost of that? Two ramps to get on or off the footpaths, and a bit of green, white and red paint. How very much safer, real and perceived would it be? A whole lot.

That’s why cyclists should help design cycle infrastructure.

And here one more time is where that ramp should be put:



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