Frank van Kampen Memorial Ride

21 11 2009

This morning in a wet fog about 90 or 100 riders gathered at Kapanui School in Waikanae for the memorial ride for Frank van Kampen who was killed in Te Horo by a drunk driver on his ride home from work almost a year ago. Some speeches were had and we were briefed about safety, and we set out following the route of his last ride.

The pace was fairly leisurely, and the car and truck traffic slowed down for us too. We made our way under police escort to Te Horo.

Some words were said to remember Frank and we had a minute’s silence (except for the Harley’s on the highway) and a memorial garden was opened in his honour.

After that most headed back under police escort again down to Peka Peka and onto Waikanae, and a few rode north to Otaki, finishing Frank’s ride for him.




7 responses

11 12 2009

where did the writer get almost 1 year ago!

11 12 2009

Yeah sorry Dave, I got it wrong. It was a lot more recent than that. I just thought it happened a while back. Dunno why? Sorry about that.

3 02 2010
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30 08 2010

Frank Van Kampen was going to be my teacher this year, until his death ….. 😦


16 01 2011
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30 05 2011
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25 08 2012
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