Boffa Miskell report on Great Harbour Way

23 11 2009

Over on the Great Harbour Way there is the Boffa Miskell Report with some great maps, and some great ideas. It’s really worth a look. I’ve only had a cursory glance so far, but I like a couple of their ideas straight away. One is that the waterfront path and the Hutt Road path can be linked under the railway lines at the Kaiwharawhara Creek.

Another is that the path goes around the outside of the little bit of land that juts out into the harbour at Kaiwharawhara just north of the Interislander Terminal. You can see it here in a photo I took from Fort Buckley above Kaiwharawhara. It is at the moment a bit inaccessible and degraded, but could be spruced up into quite a nice park.

And then how nice would it be to ride along the coast on the seaward side of the motorway here and the railway line further north, and all the way onto Petone and then up the Hutt River and over the Rimutaka Rail Trail down to the Lake Domain and onto Martinborough?:

There is still a bit of  a detour around the container port at Aotea, and I wonder if the forecourt platform and bridges around the Cake Tin can be used (and extended) to have bike routes above the railway lines, but that is a post for another time.




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