From Ngaurunga or Newlands to Johnsonville heading North

23 11 2009

This entry deals with this part of the world:

From Ngaurunga which at the moment means from Hutt Road, but someday will be from the waterfront on the Great Harbour Way, it is a steep climb up the Gorge. There is a footpath off the side of the Centennial Highway to climb up in granny gear. And after much huffing and puffing you get to the somewhat inobvious signs saying drop down left through the tunnels to get to Johnsonville, or keep on the footpath to Newlands and East Johnsonville.

Through the tunnels:

Then you continue north to where the footpath narrows on the Johnsonville exit:

and near certain death.

But if the Ngaurunga – Newlands goat track path was upgraded to a cycle track then cyclists could climb that away from the highway noise, then turn west along Newlands Road and then drop down onto the northbound path viathe Newlands northbound on-ramp. The left side of the road with the white painted bars could be painted green as a bicycle lane:

and it circles down to where a new ramp could be cut to get up onto the footpath here:

and then you head north into Johnsonville (and onto Porirua and Cape Reinga)  if the near certain death doesn’t get you first.




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13 01 2011
The Johnsonville Shambles « Wellington Region Cycleways

[…] The Johnsonville Shambles 13 01 2011 One of the main reasons I blog is to make the world a better place, but I tell ya what, it doesn’t seem to be working. Like I thought that me pointing out, back in 2009, that Fraser Avenue in Johnsonville was a deathtrap, would do the trick, and hey it’s on CAW’s blackspot list too. So something would have been done, right? Nup. And don’t forget the problems of just south of Fraser Ave too with the problems on the Centennial Highway up the Gorge. […]

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