I’m getting sued for defamation because of one of my blogs

24 12 2009

Sorry it’s not bicycle related, but on my Clean Air blog I’m getting sued for defamation.

So for you people only interested in bikes I’ll write a short entry about bikes and smoke.

I love riding my bike, all year round, including all winter, or I would, but in winter you go past some people’s houses and you cop a lungful of smoke. How is that fair? I don’t get it. The winter in Wellington is warm enough to ride a bike in shorts at night. I might put on a jacket and sometimes gloves, but I’ve never been tempted to put on a pair of stripey thermals under my shorts. It rarely drops below 0 deg C.

So there you have it, another reason not to heat homes with wood burners, and similarly another reason not to have outside  burn offs in the rural districts, it annoys the cyclists cycling by. That sounds like an overwhelmingly good reason to ban burning off and wood burning heaters.

And you think I could state that without the threat of lawsuits. At least I now know what Dr Evil is doing with his time since the Austin Powers movies ran out of steam.




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