Te Horo Beach to the Otaki Mouth

4 01 2010

Today I decided to ride down to Waikanae, and with all the holiday traffic I’m too scared to ride the verge of State Highway 1 (I’m too scared at anytime, lets be honest). So I thought I’d ride down the beach from Te Horo Beach to Peka Peka Beach. I’ve done it before and it is a good ride, but I got down to the south side of Te Horo Beach village and the moon and sun were against me – high tide, and a strong westerly with big seas:

So I thought I’d just ride home, but first I thought I’d ride to the end of Sims Road and go and have a look at the beach there. And it was the first time I’d noticed the vehicle track with the Fish and Game sign giving access to the river, so I thought I’d ride it. It was largely a 4WD track and it was great fun to ride, so there’s no pictures of it, since I didn’t bother stopping. Apparently upland game hunters, are allowed to bag two of these (I got one with my camera in my garden yesterday, they’re fast buggers so it’s a bit blurry) and hence the access signs:

The track continues up to the mouth of the Otaki River:

and there’s stacks of driftwood. (Enough for me to start up iTunes and put on Travis):

And here’s a compliment of black swans in the estuary (it was pretty windy as you can see):

and a view inland:

I’ve blogged before about the Otaki River south side Cycleway and the track heading north from Sims Road to the Otaki River mouth does meet the Otaki River south side cycleway, except it crosses private land, so I can’t tell you that it links up. Well I can tell you that, but you are not allowed to ride the through route at present. Someday I envision this will be part of the National Cycleway, but it’s not yet. Much the pity.




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