Southam Cycles South

6 01 2010

An end to end cyclist named Grant Southam has a nice blog and he’s just ridden the highway between Foxton and Wellington (he’s a braver man than me) and started on the South Island part of his trip. He’s raising money for the Mobility Assistance Dogs Trust.

Mobility dogs are trained to:

  • activate pedestrian crossing and elevator buttons
  • assist with transfers to/from a wheelchair
  • retrieve dropped items – eg car keys, pens, credit cards
  • fetch items – eg phones, remote controls, books
  • open doors
  • turn lights on & off
  • On Sydney’s North Shore I once saw a red setter press the button at a pedestrian crossing, wait for the lights to change, and then cross the road when the green man was flashing. I’d just red David Ireland’s Archimedes and the Seagle a novel seemingly written by a red setter from Woolloomooloo who had taught himself to read and write and got about Sydney being very dissrespectful to seagulls and being in awe of sea eagles. I thought the dog I saw on the North Shore must have caught the Manly Ferry and was off to see friends.

    Which leaves me thinking, can dogs ride bicycles?




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    5 04 2011
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