Forget bike elevators – let’s ride flying bicycles

25 01 2010

I thought those plucky Trondheimers were the bees knees just a week ago on my post What Norway can teach Wellington. But I’ve come across the Good site and they link to the Inhabit site with it’s story of flying bicycles which then links to Martin Angelov, a Bulgarian architect, the originator of the idea and his site Kolelinia.

I’m up for it.



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26 01 2010

Interesting idea. It would be great to ride over traffic like that.
I’m sure it is included, but I would want some sort of safety line anchoring me (and the bike) to the contraption. That would be quite necessary in this windy city and I’d hate to fall off, and I would hate for the bike to fall on someone else.

22 02 2010
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27 09 2010
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8 10 2010
Electric bike share « Wellington Region Cycleways

[…] and how cities should be built. For instance this blog has talked about Railcycles, Sailcarts, Flying bicycles, Bike elevators, Ascensors and Bicycle Tubes. It also has shown a few rides around the lower North […]

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