Custodial sentence for cyclist killer

3 02 2010

While it is good to see a custodial sentence for the woman who drunkenly ran over Frank Van Kampen it does seem incredibly lenient  at 2 years 2 months, considering the old soak’s 3 previous drink driving convictions. On the radio tonight there was a discussion on why wasn’t she charged with manslaughter, which is a very good question considering her culpability.

Read about it on Stuff: Drunk Grandma Jailed for Man’s Death

She also got an 8 year driving ban, which is manifestly inadequate. Hopefully she’ll never drive again. And she was ordered to pay $30,000 reparation, which in terms she’ll understand is about 1000 bottles of vodka or whisky.

I feel the least we can do for the memory of Frank is to build a safe away-from-the-highway cycle route between Waikanae and Otaki so that another family isn’t tragically put in the same situation as his.

School went back this week and it was a nice day to ride today.

C’mon Act and National, if there was a 3 strikes rule for drink driving, resulting in a lifetime driving ban, we’d all be safer as cyclists and pedestrians.

Update : Another news story from today. One of her “supporters” said “I know she did not choose to go out there and cause this accident.” Umm, yes she bloody well did. She is culpable. It was her fault. She could have prevented it. She chose not to. It was not a bloody “accident”. She may have problems of her own, but her behaviour was completely criminal and resulted in the needless death of an innocent man. It was inexcusable. If she can do anything to help, it will be to act as a deterrent to other would be drink-drivers by going to prison. The roads are dangerous enough without having to worry about being killed by a drunk driver.




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