Media round-up – Two convictions quashed

5 03 2010

It is with a wry smile that I note that Sue Abbott of Scone, NSW has had her conviction quashed for riding her bike without a helmet whilst Nick Lowe of Johnsonville, NZ has had his conviction quashed for riding his bike without his underpants.

Congratulations to them both. May we long see Sue and her exuberant curls flowing freely in the wind, and may we not see the same of Nick.

In other news I like this press release from the Greens of Aotearoa. Lower Speed Limits Mean Fewer Fatalities. It’s about reducing urban speed limits to 30km/hr and making it law for the 1.5m closest passing distance.

And how about this for sugar coating bad news?  Bay Rail line could end up as cycleway. More like they close the rail  line and then there isn’t a cycleway built for 50 years.



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