Is it fair that cyclists are subsidising motorists?

23 03 2010

In New Zealand and in Australia if you buy $30 worth of groceries or more at the supermarket you get a voucher for 4 or 5 cents a litre off the price of petrol. This amounts to three or so dollars off on a 50 litre tank of fuel. So presumably food prices are up to 10% more than they have to be to cross-subsidise the vouchers. If you go to the shops in your car and spend your $30 you get a voucher, and if you go by bike and put your $30 of  groceries into your panniers you also get a voucher, but fat lot of good it will do you. So everyone is paying more to make it cheaper for motorists to buy petrol, which of course only encourages motoring and more fuel use.

I think I’d much rather cheaper cheese than cheaper petrol, but with all those lots of 4 cents I save I can buy me a shiny new machine that runs on lies and gasoline.

C’mon New World, Pak N ‘Save, Coles and bloody Woolworths, stop colluding with Shell and BP and Exxon Mobil. Motorists should pay for their own bloody petrol. It’s not bloody ethical to make cyclists, and pedestrians and old ladies on the bus subsidise motorists’ excesses. And neither is charging $12 for a half kilo of mozzarella. Drop your prices and drop the scheme.

In other news: If you have a WordPress blog you’ll already know that you can see what people put into search engines to find your site. Well I just got ‘”bikes should keep off the streets of wellington”, and if that person comes back for another look, I’d just like to say that that person should be drowned in the Cuba Mall Bucket Fountain, whilst being whipped by the Zephyrometer. The SH1 is that way mate, and don’t come back.



2 responses

25 03 2010

Right on Brother! Give me Cheaper Cheese!
Down with the fuel cartels! Boycott the the Super-misery-markets! Lovely writing… Errr maybe drowning is a bit rough though

27 03 2010
Norfolk Man

I agree: bin the schemes (and I’m a motorist).

And then move on to fly-bys.

Life’s too short.

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