I hope this ends well

18 04 2010

It’s gone quiet here lately at Wellington Region Cycleways because of a technical glitch, otherwise known as the wires coming out of my motor losing  some of their insulation when I took the wheel off to fix a puncture, and now when I turn the throttle they short and the wheel doesn’t spin. To move the bike I’d have to do all the pedalling myself, and that’d kind of suck. So I guess I’m learning about the down side of being an electric bike owner when bike shop owners don’t want to touch an electric bike.

I always thought that it was a design flaw to not have a plug and socket on the wires leading to the rear wheel motor of the Wisper Sport. It’d be handy when it was time to change the back tube or tyre. But it actually does. There’s a plug and socket up under the removable plate under the battery and by removing the 4 hex screws of the face plate and cutting the 3 cable ties then it comes free. If you don’t know this you could end up twisting the wires too much like I did, when I took off the back wheel. It’d have been so much easier if I’d known to cut the 3 cable ties. It looks like this:

But I’ve decided to put an additional plug and socket on closer to the motor. So in for a penny in for a pound. This is scary surgery. I still need to remove the cassette of gears to get access to some screws on the motor so I can (hopefully) replace the exposed wires, and I need to visit a bike shop for help with getting the cassette off.

Bike shops here keep the sabbath. In the meantime I’ve readied one end of the plug and socket remembering my 25 year old childhood electronics skills. There’s 8 wires, which I’ve soldered and insulated with heat shrink. I did a better job of it than my camera did of focusing.

I hope this all ends well.



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14 05 2010
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