Walking from Petone to Wellington

7 05 2010

It’s not that far from Petone to Wellington. It is only about 7km or so, a walkable distance. And if the Great Harbour Way was ever built, it might even be a pleasant walk. The chances of getting the Great Harbour Way built under a National Government is probably didley, but we might be lucky enough to get an earthquake that will raise the land a bit and give us decent cycling infrastructure. Divine intervention, so to speak.

At the moment between the sea and the escarpment is the double tracked Wairarapa railway line and the dual carriageway 100km/hr Hutt Road, aka State Highway 2.

A view from the Korokoro Creek at Petone to Wellington (it’s not that far):

Not only would a section of bike track and a pedestrian pathway link Petone to Wellington, it’d also link to the Hutt River Trail and to the Ngauranga Gorge and the Newlands Track. It’d link a lot of disparate parts of metropolitan Wellington.

The Petone foreshore:

Presently this is what greets you if you try to walk on the seaward side of the railway tracks south from Petone. It’s probably trespassing on the railway land:

and a bit further down it just becomes sloping piles of fill close to the railway line. Not really advisable, and you’d have to illegally cross the rails closer to Wellington anyway.

And if you went the other way, over the railway lines by the bridge and followed the bike track sign to Wellington, which admittedly doesn’t have a pedestrian symbol:

you’d have to share the bikepath with cyclists when the footpath runs out, and the cycle lane is incredibly dangerous, the road is 100km/hr, the traffic is heavy, and the trucks are large. Here’s where the footpath ends, the cycle lane is on the verge for a few hundred metres, and then there is a separate cycle lane, semi-protected from the traffic by a rope wire:

It’s not at all safe to walk from Petone to Wellington, and it’s not even safe to cycle. The need for the Great  Harbour Way is urgent. C’mon Wellington ladies start dressing immodestly. We need an earthquake.




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11 05 2010

Actually walking the seaward side from Petone to Wellington isn’t too bad – although OnTrack take a dim view of it. After the first km or so there is a reasonable path on the seaward side of the railway line, and near Ngauranga there’s a maintenance track.

Here’s a photo of walking the section between Ngauranga and Kaiwharawhara:
Between Ngauranga and Kaiwharawhara

8 10 2010
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15 12 2010
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27 12 2010
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