1 kilometre of national cycleway open

23 05 2010

Yes 1 kilometre of the National Cycleway has been opened in Oamaru, part of the Alps to Ocean Cycleway, which will go from Mt Cook to Oamaru. The photo in the article, if a normal sized bike, means Mr. Key, the New Zealand Prime Minister, is about 4′ 8″ tall. It is 2081km from Cape Reinga to Bluff, so there are a lot more photo opportunities for the prime minister if he so chooses.

Oamaru is a nice town in North Otago, and it’s a lovely bike ride from Oamaru to Kakanui along the oceanside road south of town. It is famous for it’s limestone and the historic buildings made of the Oamaru Stone. If the historic port district was in any larger city it’d be a trendy arts district with bars and restaurants. In Oamaru it still has a neglected feel about it, but would make a lovely trendy arts district:

Oamaru is also famous for it’s public gardens:

In other news I rode the Mangahao Dams ride again this weekend, and I would just like to point out to this man who likes to think he is a bicycle, that he is a man and not a bicycle, even if he does carry panniers around a lot of the time:



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7 06 2010
Victorian Oamaru « Wellington Region Cycleways

[…] 7 06 2010 Recently I had reason to mention Oamaru, and I hadn’t been there for a few years, but I had a reason to visit. In that post I said […]

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