Oriental Bay

26 05 2010

Around Oriental Bay is the only way to ride east of Wellington that doesn’t involve a big hill, or a ride through a polluted and noisy tunnel. The footpaths are wide, and there are usually a lot of pedestrians. It is the natural extension of the ride around the waterfront. Both the waterfront and around Oriental Bay can be ridden on the footpaths, but it apparently according to the Dom Post annoys some pedestrians. CAN has a brochure telling us how we can slow down around the waterfront called Cruise the Waterfront.

But really why pick on the cyclists? The real problem is the parked cars. They take up so much room, and make it dangerous to be on the road. Lowering the speed limit is good, but reversing cars are a problem, or if they were made parallel, the door zone will make it dangerous. Why not get rid of parked cars on the harbour side of the road and put in a wide two way set of green painted cycle lanes?

It’s part of the Great Harbour Way route, and it’s part of the ride around the bays, and once there is a decent bike share scheme I’d be taking a bike at the train station and leisurely riding it around the Waterfront and Oriental Bay and dropping it off at the airport. I imagine many others would do exactly the same.




One response

1 06 2010
allan probert

Happy to hear from cyclists re. ideas around improving cycling in wellington. We need to be more innovative about alternatives and dealing with problems

Allan Probert

mayoral candidate

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