Shock horror – car parks are to be “culled” in Masterton

1 06 2010

More muddle-headed than a wombat on cleanup day Jamie Morton, staff reporter for the Wairarapa Times-Age, celebrates the building of new cycle lane facilities on Chapel Street in Masterton by itemising on-street parking that is to be “culled”. This is his “got his priorities straight” story. Of special note is the reduction of on-street carparking outside the Times-Age offices themselves. How is Jamie going to get to work now, without anywhere to park? I don’t know, maybe he could cycle.

At least the three last paragraphs of the story are worth reading.




One response

2 06 2010
Patrick Morgan

Letter to WTA
We all win when there’s more people on bikes: less congestion, quieter streets, healthier people, lower fuel bills – and that means more money to spend at local businesses.

So I am delighted to read that Masterton is getting serious about providing safer road space for cyclists.

With plenty of off-street parking, no one is seriously inconvenienced by the proposal.

The Council has a choice: convenience of car parks or improved safety for people on bikes.

I know which I’d vote for.

Patrick Morgan
Cycling Advocates Network

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