Christchurch Port Hills

11 06 2010

The Christchurch Gondola advertises that it lets you take a bike up. I love a good bit of cable propelled technology and I love my electric bike, and despite my motor I love easy ways to get up a hill, so that I can maximise the yee-hah factor in coming downhill fast. So this is my bike riding on the outside of a Dopplemayr monocable detachable gondola.

It rode up to the summit of the crater rim of the Port Hills. It was getting on towards dark.

From the top station there is a wee bit of single track down to Summit Road, and then there is lots of other single track, but I rode Summit Road, which involves a longish uphill or three, and then I came down Dyers Pass Road fast with all of Christchurch’s fairy lights coming on for the night. Here’s Summit Road from inside the gondola. That’s Lyttleton Harbour on the left.

Starting off after the single track at dusk on Summit Road:

And after the descent down Dyer’s Pass, there are marked cycle lanes on Centaurus and the Port Hills Road to get back to the base of the gondola. It’s $16 to go up one way with a bike. It costs nothing to ride with a huge grin on your face down the hill. I think it is only 20km of riding or so, and it is mostly flat or downhill. You need good brakes for Dyers Pass Road, and even then you’ll also need to use the bottom of your shoes for extra braking.

It’s definitely worth a stop on your way north or south through the South Island.



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