Sail carts, land yachts and recumbent trikes

26 08 2010

On old maps of Asia, where as medieval cartographers would draw sea monsters in the oceans, they would sometimes draw Mongol sail carts in the middle of the steppe. On the Central Asian steppes unencumbered by fences sail carts could cover 200 km a day.

And Mongolia seems to hold a special connection with land yachting to this day. The Polish are mad keen at crossing the Gobi Desert on land yachts.

So I think that the Pterosail Trikes are beyond a great idea. They are a cross between a land yacht and a recumbent trike. They look fantastic. I want to have a go. I want to have a go.

With panniers on that back rack, a trailer with a tent in it, and a year off work and I would be a very happy man.

Update: A commenter (thanks David) on this post pointed out the Whike, a smaller sail recumbent trike, which also looks like it would be a whole lot of fun.




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3 09 2010
David Hembrow

What I find a bit odd about the Pterosail is that they claim to have “sailed” across the USA using it, but the pictures show not only the sail and pedals, but also an electric motor to push it along.

Don’t forget the Whike which has been available for several years, is a lot more compact, and doesn’t seem to need a motor as well as a sail and pedals to get where it’s going.

8 10 2010
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19 05 2012

what about a sail bike but with multi small sails to keep the c/g lower for stability ..skeatesy

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