Bad news out of Palmie

2 09 2010

It seems Palmylink is on the political backburner and may not be going ahead. 😦 Palmylink was the idea of linking the Square with Massey University’s Turitea Campus by aerial gondola along Fitzherbert Ave and across the Manawatu in Palmerston North.

It seemed to me like such a great idea. It would replace smelly diesel bus services with a silent cableway powered by the windfarms on the hills above the town, freeing up road capacity on Fitzherbert Ave, and pushing back the date when more capacity on bridges across the Manawatu will actually be needed.

With Palmylink joining the main campus with the Square and then being extended to the railway station, and increasing the Capital Connection from one train a day each way to 6, and extending the train service to Feilding along with a continuation of the Palmie City Council’s policies of provisioning quality cycling infrastructure, Palmie could start selling itself as a sustainable city.

C’mon Palmie Councillors be a little bit brave. Adopt cable technologies for urban transport and integrate it with bicycle (and bikeshare?) infrastructure and the Capital Connection and then show yourself off to the world.



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