Fitting rear lights to a carrier

10 10 2010

Handy hint.

Dunno about you, but I think most of the rear bike lights sold in NZ are rubbish. They all come with fittings to fit them to something round like a frame or a seat post, and there is hardly any choice about where to mount them, and I want mine on the back of my pannier rack. So we end up jerry-rigging some daft thing and our rear lights fall off and there goes another $25 we’ll never see again.

But after a bit of digging I found Cateye part CA5342250  and it looks like this:

It is within most NZ bike shop’s capabilities to order one in for you and that’s why I gave the part number above. It should cost about $10 or so, which isn’t much, except it is really only a small piece of plastic, 2 screws and 2 cable ties. The holes are 50 mm apart, and were easy to fit as my carrier had a metal plate hanging down with holes in the right places. See:

and now I can ride around with this without it falling out:




3 responses

12 10 2010
Patrick Morgan

And did you hear NZTA is proposing to allow indicators, which are currently illegal.

Here’s CAN’s take on it:
Allowing bicycles to be fitted with stop lamps and direction-indicator lamps is a good idea, say cyclists.

Cycling Advocates Network spokesman Patrick Morgan says updating the rules around bicycle lights makes sense.

“With bright LEDs and powerful batteries, modern bike lights are better than ever. Allowing stop lights and turn indicators on bikes is a sensible move, but these are no substitute for clear hand signals, using lots of eye contact with other road users, and safe riding habits.”

Advances in lighting technology mean that stop lamp and indicator systems are now available for bicycles. The Road User Rule currently specifically prohibits such systems, but it is proposed that this provision be removed as there is no reason for retaining it.

3 10 2013
Akmal Hizam Abd Hamid

I’ve been looking for this for a long time. I asked the local Cateye distributor, but no news from them.

3 10 2013

Akmal, I just quoted the part number CA5342250 at my local bike shop here in NZ (3 years ago) and they were able to order it in specially. I did it to both my bikes, and 3 years on they are still on my bike. I take it you are Malaysian from your name. Hopefully your local bike shops there can do the same. Good luck.

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