National’s road building is an expensive white elephant

11 10 2010

Update: The Greens, bless ’em agree with me and think the $2b of motorways are rubbish. Public Transport is Smarter

You don’t have to be the Oracle of Delphi to know that NZ’s National-led (with Act clowns) government is going to spend a whole bucket of money to achieve very little in Wellington and it is going to do so building a slew of over-priced and unaffordable roads. It also looks like the bucket is the bucket that the bucket boy who walks behind the elephants at the circus has been holding, and it looks like those elephants are white. $2 billion dollars and we’ll still be stuck in traffic, says the Dom Post.

The Hawkes Bay and Kapiti local election results were disappointing. In Kapiti the mayor was re-elected, and promising to work on all the things she didn’t manage to get done in her first term. Surely her first priority must be fixing the very poor winter (and autumn and spring) air quality in Raumati, or banning needless polluting rural fires. Surely a so called environmentalist politician must actually do something about the environment in this term of her office. Supposedly the whole country went “left” in the local elections. I don’t quite see that myself. Kapiti’s vote were all largely results that were the opposite of what I wanted, and 2 of the 3 worst candidates got up and are ready to promote air pollution. There could be some good news in Wellington, with Celia, a pro-bike candidate, almost over the line, rather than Kerry Prendergast.

The Auckland results are great though. With PM Key’s blessing Act joker Rodney (give him a wig, he ain’t Jekyll) Hyde foisted the super-city on the good people of Auckland. And the good people of Auckland went “Hey eff you Rodney” and they voted for Len Brown and enough “leftie” councillors to give him control of council. National and Act are now egg-faced. (Don’t get the egg in your wig Rodney). Auckland Trains tells it best. And those po-faced, egg-faced National boys are having a dummy spit.

Well I know that a whole lot of people in Wellington and Kapiti would happily let Auckland have 2 billion bucks to spend on decent rail-based transport, rather than waste it on 2 billion dollars of unnecessary roads. We’ll just have to not vote National next time  (I don’t have to say not to vote Act, like anyone who can read this blog (or at all) is going to vote Act).

So it’s megabucks for road, and peanuts for cycle infrastructure, according to National.

It’s putting pingpong balls down the throat of Act. (Just imagine Rodney, sans wig, with his mouth agape moving it from side to side, and you’ll know what I mean)

Or it is moderate sensible spending on cycle infrastructure and on sensible rail and other public transport projects in Auckland and the rest of the country from Wellington Regional Cycleways.




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11 10 2010
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