This man is an utter fool

23 11 2010

I’ll let Eric Thompson, Motorsport reporter, of the NZ Herald talk for himself as he says bikes shouldn’t be on roads.

What an utter fool. I hereby call for Eric Thompson’s drivers license be suspended until he actually understands what the rights and responsibilities of being a motorist actually are.

Oh yeah he’s so smart and clever, and has all the answers. Look see:

“In that case, I would like to suggest a couple of other solutions:

* All pushbikes must be fitted with rear-vision mirrors – as all other vehicles on the road are required by law;

* All pushbikes must be fitted with indicators, or a similar device – as all other vehicles on the road are required by law;

* They can only ride single-file on a single-lane road unless overtaking – as all other vehicles on the road are required by law;

* Be fitted with headlights that must be on at all times – as other two-wheeled vehicles on the road are required by law;

* All bike riders must pass a road-licence test – as are all other people who venture on to public roads;

* All pushbikes must be registered and pay a road tax – as all other vehicles on the road are required by law (don’t whinge, motorcyclists have to pay for their car and their motorbike).”

Really. I myself would have thought that slowing cars down, and getting rid of drunk drivers, and making it illegal to pass a cyclist within 1.5 metres would be a better way to go about it. Really registration? Where has that old pearler ever worked? It is the Godwin’s law of road transport. What the hell is the Herald doing hiring a monkey like Eric? No wonder it’s not worth buying newspapers anymore.

Why do we spend billions of dollars on roads and motorways to facilitate the movement of idiots like Eric, and we spend peanuts on improving bicycle infrastructure in and between towns?

I also call for the end of motorsport, and Eric could then report on something more exciting like some paint drying somewhere.



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24 11 2010

This is really shocking. Especially from a reporter and especially from NZ Herald. Cycling should be supported as much as possible. It’s healthy and good for the environment. I have been living overseas for many years. New Zealand is known for it’s nature. Cycling would be a good way to promote New Zealand. It’s what everybody could and should do. If New Zealand wants to be known for it’s drunken driving and a lot people getting killed on roads for all kind of reasons then I’m afraid that’s where it’s going to. Eric’s suggestions are too ridiculous to be taken seriously. I guess he’s only looking for attention. In that case he succeeded.

24 11 2010

Since all of Eric Thompson’s suggestions are already required of all other vehicles on the road, would he claim that there are no problems with the behaviour from drivers of those other vehicles? I suspect even a fool of his magnitude would admit that that was taking things too far.
The single statistic that motorists are found to be at fault in 75% of reported bicycle/car crashes would further back up the point the Mr Thompson is an ignorant and uninformed cretin who doesn’t have a clue about the issue he is mouthing off about.

24 11 2010
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24 11 2010

Actually, if you re-read this article, what he’s really implying is that NZ drivers are incompetent and can’t be trusted. I wonder if his motorsport readers appreciate that?

25 11 2010

Maybe Hils, but he is the epitome of an incompetent NZ driver. If he thinks that other road users are only in the way of his precious car, then he has no idea what roads are for or how to use them safely, and hence shouldn’t be allowed to use the roads.

25 11 2010

I absolutely agree. There’s a heck of a lot that can be done to improve motorists attitudes. My point was just that he seems to contradict himself – if you chose to read his article that way (which I will!) – he’s saying the roads aren’t safe for cyclists because of driver’s incompetence. He does go on to say cyclists shouldn’t be on the roads, but I’d argue that his comments only help argue the point that it’s drivers that are dangerous and shouldn’t be on the roads!
All negativity aide, check this out:

10 12 2010
Chris Harvey

Dude, you are doing foolish people a dis-service. I’ve met some fools in my time, and on their behalf I take offence. Sadly, he’s just a false summit on the iceberg: I am now resigned to finding a barrage of hater venom spat out at the bottom of any cycling article published in the Herald. I sit and wonder how I might compose some masterful pacifying comment that will unite one and all, and we’ll all swan off into the sunset in choreographed splendour on State Highway X. But, there’s just too many of them, and quietly – between you and me – I think they’re just a bit too stoopid.

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