Transport Policy Fail

13 12 2010

I found the photo below on the net just under a story about Dublin’s successful bike scheme. Dublin’s and Melbourne’s schemes presently have a similar number of bikes over a roughly equally sized territory and Dublin is renting out its bikes 12 times as much each day as Melbourne is. Dublin is going to increase their scheme ten-fold. The comments on this post of mine contemplated the reason Melbourne’s scheme is a bit of a dud.

This is the response of the Victorian powers that be, to the failure of the scheme. Really. Not looking back on the relative success or failure of mandatory helmet laws and reassessing whether they actually have worked or not (they haven’t), but by making a helmet tardis. I suppose going by the roof this is Southern Cross Station.

I recommend Mike Rubbo’s latest film about the Mayor of Fremantle. There’s hope yet.

I really didn’t need a bike helmet to ride along the safe riverside paths of Brisbane either.

It’s really frustrating living in Australia and New Zealand with its engrained safety nanny attitudes that seem unshakeable. Ready to provide us with more freeways and tunnels than we ever will need, feeding us shit to keep us stupid and treating us like the morons that we all undoubtedly are. It’s official everyone each side of the Tasman wearing a tie, or a bike helmet is a dick. I blame this lot, this lot and especially this lot.




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19 11 2011
Mandatory helmets, cycling policies and who to vote for. « Wellington Region Cycleways

[…] taken perhaps the inevitable step of subtitling the Fall of Berlin movie, noting the failure of the Melbourne and Brisbane helmet schemes especially in regards to mandatory bike […]

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