A precedent for a Kaiwharawhara to Petone boardwalk

15 12 2010

Surely a precedent has been set for the link between Wellington and Petone with the building of Auckland’s boardwalk along the rail line in the Orakei Basin. Is it not time to plan the boardwalk for the sections east of the train lines where it’s not practical to build on the land between Kaiwharawhara, Ngauranga and Petone?

South of Kaiwharawhara a cycle path could be built around the western side of the Interislander terminal, then under the Aotea Quay off ramp, and through the rail yards to the Westpac Stadium concourse and onto the waterfront.

North of Ngauranga the safe bike route should also follow the seaward side of the railway tracks to around the old Beach Station at Petone, because what there is now isn’t safe.

To fund it, as I’ve said before let the developers (are there any of them left?) get their chops on the waterfront land at Ngauranga, and in the airspace over the station and build us a nice waterfront neighbourhood, pedestrianised waterfront with restaurants, hotels, and apartments above. At the moment the decrepit Ngauranga station and the poo-dumping station don’t add up to much at all, other than a lost opportunity.

Let’s see some action on the Great Harbour Way.




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15 12 2010

Some good ideas here – in fact for a lot of the seaward route from Kaiwharawhara to Petone a boardwalk wouldn’t be required, since there is adequate land on the seaward side of the railway line.

However there are perceived issues with taking a walking cycling route through the Interislander marshalling area, and OnTrack are resistant to sharing their existing maintenance routes alongside the railway line.

Hopefully the proposed reclamation to take the cycle route from Petone to Horokiwi will go ahead, and this will be the first stage of a seaward route all the way to the city.

15 12 2010


Re “OnTrack are resistant to sharing their existing maintenance routes alongside the railway line.”

Their resistance isn’t necessarily sensible. Apart from the obvious that it could easily be made to work well as maintenance trucks are more likely to be driving at slow speeds and infrequently (rather than the fast speeds and 30,000 a day for the cars on the SH2), surely this is a “bike path of national significance”?

15 12 2010
andy foster

All very good thoughts and comments. GHW would be a fantastic facility for the region. The two hardest bits will be through the Port and from Petone – Ngauranga.

We would like development at some railways stations too.

Warmest regards

Andy Foster
Transport Leader – Wellington City

16 12 2010
Russell Tregonning

This call for more action on a safe cycle/walkway separate from SH2 is right on the nail. Each time I visit the Otago Peninsula I see more of the 3-metre wide reclamation on the sea side of the Bay road to give just what we want here. Such a trail would be used by very many more commuters and recreational cyclists/walkers between the Capital and its Hutt City satellites than in Dunedin. Why isn’t it happening here? We are way behind.
Thanks for your encouragement, Andy. Please now follow this up in your influential position as WCC transport leader with action to persuade NZTA and On-Track to come on side for Wellington’s urgent active transport needs.

2 01 2011
Celia WB

We will NOT give up on the Great Harbour Way al the way – whether boardwalk, asphalt or bike lane on road. I cycled back from Petone with some young men raising money for a good casue recently and the state of the current route was an embarrasment. I agree that we must be ambitious not piecemeal. We must prioritise to central and local government – next opportunity for me will be to discuss at teh Regional Transport Committee on the 24th February so we need to make sure this gets on the agenda!

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