The Johnsonville Shambles

13 01 2011

One of the main reasons I blog is to make the world a better place, but I tell ya what, it doesn’t seem to be working. Like I thought that me pointing out, back in 2009, that Fraser Avenue in Johnsonville was a deathtrap, would do the trick, and hey it’s on CAW’s blackspot list too. So something would have been done, right? Nup. And don’t forget the problems of just south of Fraser Ave too with the problems on the Centennial Highway up the Gorge.

Every time I ride through Johnsonville I honestly get scared. It is the biggest disincentive to me cycling to and from work.

Cycling north towards the off ramp cyclists are onto the road now as the footpath has got fallen rocks on it. I drove on the off ramp the other day. One of those impatient motorcyclists was tailgating just on my right arse, wanting me to move over to the left. I would have cleaned up a cyclist if I had. Shame on that motorcyclist, and shame on all (yes all) motorcyclists. They all do that trick on the SH1 north of Pukerua Bay with the double yellow lines and a safety barrier. Numnuts the lot of them.

So this bit is still not fixed. It still needs fixing. What I said here still makes a lot more sense than the free-for-all that there currently is.

There are bike stands on the main strip of J’ville. But no safe way to ride to them.

At the moment you can dance with deadly traffic, and ride in the door zone of the parked cars. From bitter experience I know those parked cars will pull out in front of  a cyclist without looking.

There doesn’t need to be any parking or bus stops on the east side of the road, and there certainly doesn’t need to be a wide median that the odd delivery truck uses illegally.

There is room to do something better.

See. Look at this example from Semaphore Road in Adelaide on how parking, a shopping strip, and a safe cycle path can be built to work together.

C’mon WCC get your act together, and in a timely manner.




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14 01 2011
26 08 2011
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