Catching a Ferry to Massey Regional Park

25 01 2011

This website for the promotion of the Massey Regional Park deserves not only a wider audience, but to actually be acted upon. I really like their idea of putting a ferry between Shelly Bay and the city. I think it is an idea that has merit on a few provisos:

1. It should be possible to walk easily uphill to Shelly Bay from Maupuia and this may require some new tracks and stairs and lighting.

2. That the new ferry service serves more than just Shelly Bay. See the doctored Google map below.

3. Of course, the ferry should be able to carry a number of bicycles.

4. Massey Road between Scorching Bay and Shelly Bay could be restricted to one way car traffic, and the other, seaward lane used solely for bidirectional pedestrians and bikes (at the very least, on the weekends). Alternatively on weekends the road is completely closed to motorised traffic.

5. Shelly Bay be utilised for more of the funky, arty and community based activities.

Brisbane’s CityCat ferries have been in the news, but as a recent rider of them before the floods, I’d like to say that they were a great way to see the city in a way that riding their City Glider bus just isn’t.  So the idea of having a CityCat type service meaningfully serving some more of the Wellington suburbs (than what the Days Bay ferry already does) makes a lot of sense to me. (As an aside, see the Auckland Transport Blog‘s take on more ferries for Auckland).

I’d have a Queens Wharf service to just east of Te Papa, going one way to Shelly Bay, Greta Point, down near that wharf that people fish off near Miramar and back to near the Evan’s Bay Yacht Club, then back to Oriental Bay and Queens Wharf.  I’d have two (or possibly three) 50 person or so ferries doing the run, and run them with a 15 minute  frequency or better, with fares fully integrated with Snapper for now, and once the national smart card scheme is done, with that.

I think it’d capture a lot of walk up commuters, and tourists, and recreating people just enjoying the regional park in their own city, and it’s got to be better than the indignity of catching a bus. And perhaps the ferry stops could be the focus of the in-vogue Transit Oriented Developments rather than Johnsonville. I think I’d rather live by the water than the motorway.

If we put our minds to it, we could have it up and running by the end of this year.



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25 01 2011

Your blog is awesome:-)

25 01 2011

A weekend ferry idea would be great.

I went for a ride Monday evening out along the peninsula up past the prison, and down to the Massey Memorial, and it was simply stunning. The area has so much potential to be opened up, and developed for recreation. It has some incredible views of the harbour and the city. Currently you have to clamber over gates past signs with words to the effect of, “you will be shot on site if caught in here” (courtesy of the Ministry of Defence – do they still have guns these days?!?!). Not exactly conducive to recreational activity.

The great work on developing the mountain biking/walking trails on the south face below the prison could continue, with trails linking down to Shelly bay, Scorching bay, and the northern end of the peninsula. This would become a huge asset for those in the eastern and central suburbs of Wellington.

If you have not had a chance to check out the tracks in the area, DO IT, they are excellent.

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