Nothing bicycle related – Perth’s Kings Park Aerial Gondola

17 02 2011

On the Gondola Project there is some talk of a proposed cable car in Perth linking a new waterfront redevelopment with Kings Park, one of Australia’s largest urban parks. This post is solely so I can show some photos to the Gondola Project readers. To get to Kings Park from the Perth CBD you can walk up through some nice little streets (and over the noisy freeway), and the eastern end of Kings Park has an escarpment overlooking the freeway. This photo here is from the escarpment and down to the riverfront (the Swan River is a huge basin in the middle of Perth), so I imagine the line of the gondola is somewhere in this photo, maybe coming up from the jutting out headland toward the camera:

This is a photo from the same spot looking at the Perth CBD.

And this isn’t Perth at all, but Calgary, and that is the Bow not the Swan (It just really reminds me of Perth):

I can see such a gondola being a success, since it would cater for the tourist trade, for lunchtime office workers going up to the park for lunch, and if you lived in Nedlands or Karrakatta and worked in the city, a morning walk on a sunny day through the park and then a gondola ride into the city would be a nice way to get to work if it was price competitive with the bus or train.

The new waterfront development will include bike tracks. It is good to see cyclists being included in planning decisions from the get go.

Wind Explorers

14 02 2011

This is really, really cool. Two German Wind Explorers have crossed Australia from Perth to Sydney in what looks very much like a velomobile built for two, but it’s without pedals, and is powered by electric motors. They recharge the batteries with a wind turbine that stows between their seats. Then it is also kite assisted. I love it – Recumbent trikes, sail power and electric motors together again. Well done to Dirk and Stefan, who are dead set legends. Magnificent!