Crazy unicyclists crossing Australia

5 04 2011

Here at the Wellington Region Cycleway blog I can say I am pretty fond of the nutters nice people who decide to cross a continent on a bike, or on foot, or on a pogo stick or whatever. I liked the Wind Explorers, and I liked Southam Cycles South. And Guim is still going strong on his Electric Bicycle World Tour. I even have my own claim to fame, as I have walked all the way south-north across Tasmania (a long time ago).

However I’m still waiting for someone to travel in a portaloo towed behind the Goodie’s trandem from Yeppoon to Innaloo.

I might be waiting a long time, but in the interim I learnt of the UniTramps who are unicycling from Darwin to Adelaide, which seems just as mad. They’re already a good few hundred kilometres south of Darwin. Good luck for the rest of the trip Sman and David. You’re dead set legends.




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10 04 2011
Adelaide to Darwin on a Kalamazoo « Wellington Region Cycleways

[…] to Darwin on a Kalamazoo 10 04 2011 Apparently if you’re going from Darwin to Adelaide you go by unicycle, but if you are going the other way, then of course you take a kalamazoo. What’s a kalamazoo? […]

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