We can’t build our way out of congestion

11 04 2011

On a day when the NZTA has been accused of bullying it is perhaps time to comment on the NZTA’s call for public comments on the section of State Highway 1 between Aotea Quay and Ngauranga. Does anyone know what they are trying to justify for that section of road? I’ve commented before on this section of motorway when I heard they were going to spend another $29 million dollars on usurping the emergency stopping lanes on this post here.

Empty motorway as it is for 22 hours each day.

Please answer the call of the NZTA’s survey and tell them what you think. Tell them that it is a waste of money to build extra elevated lanes of motorway. Tell them that it is probably a good idea to fund alternatives to driving into the city. Say we need decongestion charges. Say we need taxes on CBD car-parks. Tell them we need the Great Harbour Way. Tell them not to waste our money.



One response

11 04 2011
Patrick Morgan

Traffic levels have already peaked so why add capacity?

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