My other blog is back in business

6 05 2011

Sorry that I’ve been a bit quiet lately. I’ve hardly even been on my treddlie. I’ve been busy. I do work full time and study part time, and I’ve recently moved house.

There’s going to be a few upcoming changes to my blogs:

My Clean Air Kapiti blog is back on line, and it is going to transform over time to have a national focus. I don’t live in Kapiti anymore. I moved out of Raumati South because of the smoke from domestic woodburners. And now the GWRC has finally measured some of it, and I was right and it doesn’t meet national standards. Then I lived in rural Kapiti but the uncontrolled burnoffs were pretty shithouse as well, and the Kapiti District Council were completely incompetent in treating any complaint seriously, so I’ve given up on Kapiti as a place to live. It’s just too polluted and the council is full of idiots.

This blog, I hope to give a more of national focus to too. It is really a sometimes bicycle blog, and sometime public transport blog. But if you don’t understand how cycle infrastructure, walking infrastructure and public transport infrastructure are inextricably linked then you shouldn’t be reading this blog, or you work for the NZTA or something.

Occasionally I’ll get down to Wellington on my bike, but it’s not like I can put one on the train anymore. It’s still going to have a Lower North Island focus, but as you can see from my recent musical post or my satirical post about wheelbarrows it’s always been a broad focus under my spotlight.



4 responses

7 05 2011

I am pleased your “clean air” blog is blowing somewhere else. You were sounding a bit like a reformed smoker, and I am sick to death of them too. I do enjoy your cycling posts though. They are written in a relaxed style that matches the feeling associated with leisure cycling. Also some of your ideas on improving cycling infrastructure are truly worthy of serious consideration. Keep it up.

7 05 2011


My clean air blog is not going away. It is a very important social justice issue. I have moved away from Kapiti (due to the woodsmoke) so I am expanding it to a national focus. Clean air is needed all over New Zealand. Currently we don’t have clean air. Not in Raumati South, nor Tawa, nor Wainuiomata, nor Masterton, nor in Christchurch, Taumaranui, Alexandra, Dunedin, Timaru, etc, etc, etc. I have had to move house on more than one occasion because of wood smoke. They were the worst things that have ever been done to me in my life. I was powerless to stop it. I felt violated and I felt like a victim. Talking to rape victims, I have found they feel about being sexually assaulted like I feel about being chemically assaulted with woodsmoke. It is of course illegal to sexually assault someone, but it is completely legal that people are allowed to pollute with woodburners. The law needs urgent reform. There’s even a company in Wellington that will install an open fireplace in your home, and they are incredibly polluting. There’s nothing to stop that company from ruining their customers’ neighbours’ lives. I am not a reformed smoker. I have never been a smoker. Cigarette smoke is poisonous and it should be classed as assault to smoke in a public place. And cigarette smoke and woodsmoke have a lot of the same chemicals in them. The scientific evidence is that woodsmoke kills people. 1100 premature deaths in New Zealand a year, and instead of the problem being dealt with it is being ignored. The National led government has just delayed enforcement of the national standards until who knows when. Those national standards are so lax. There is effectively no control of pollution levels in New Zealand, and no one is empowered with anything to challenge that. If your house is polluted you can’t do anything about it. The local and regional councils don’t help. All you can do is move house, and moving house is a very traumatic experience. Glad you enjoy my cycle blog, but if you don’t like my clean air blog then I make no apologies. I’d rather not have to prattle on about clean air, but we don’t have clean air, so I’m doing something about it. Something that you, Nick Smith, and John Key obviously don’t give a shit about.

7 05 2011

I still don’t see the relevance to cycling. Everything in it’s place, a place for everything. I will read “”, just not in a cycling frame of mind.

15 05 2011

You can still take your bike on the train, just not at peak hour unless it’s a folder.

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