Hobbit annoys Councillors

9 05 2011

It seems some of the Wellington councillors are annoyed they’re getting a bit of unwanted feedback about their support for Steven Joyce’s (and lets not forget John Key’s) support of the Roads of National Significance. To save everyone the hassle of typing Economic Illiteracy Support Group into Google here is the  link:

Supposedly the councillors are pissed off by the anonymity of the person/people behind it, and it’s malevolent undercurrents. They say they live in Matamata, so there is the possibility that there is a hobbit behind the whole outfit. And we know that if it is then it could be this guy, who if he likes pies only likes party pies:

Or it could be the councillors don’t like the fact that the mysterious person/people/hobbit might actually have hit a sore point, and they really are economically illiterate, don’t know what they are doing and are out of their depth on the roading issues.

As for the RoNS, only some of what is proposed for Wellington to Levin makes sense, and some bits are just pie in the sky. Which bits hey councillors?



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