31 05 2011

The blogosphere is all aghast at the poor policy decisions of the National Party of Steven Joyce and John Key as they release the Ministry of Transport’s report into the rejection of the business case for Auckland’s CBD rail loop. See:

CBD Tunnel Review

Auckland Council’s CBD Tunnel Review

Auckland Must Fight Loopy Decision

Transport Ministry “Explain” Their Decision

Joyce Unconvinced By CBD Rail

Rail Loop: the Auckland Case

Elsewhere the nation’s dailies haven’t even dealt with the story. The Dominion Post, pretending to be a National newspaper from the country’s pretend capital,  has a fluff piece on politicians. There is nothing on Stuff, and the news was out by lunchtime. (I’m writing this at 9pm)

The NZ Herald being an Auckland paper does: Rail link benefits ‘significantly overstated’ says review. And also has an interesting article Aucklanders in favour of harbour rail link, something they’d never get without the CBD loop.

So there are two reviews – one commissioned by Auckland Transport and Auckland Council and the other commissioned by the National -led government. They do not agree on the benefits of the project, and the first is largely positive, and the second is largely negative.

I think the first one is closer to the truth and the second is pandering to the National Party’s ideologically driven ministers. The Transport and Treasury report looks a bit like the Weapons of Mass Destruction “evidence” being provided to Blair and Bush to justify invading Iraq.

National won’t listen to sense on their Roads of National Significance projects, and they are making up nonsense on essential urban rail infrastructure for the country’s largest city. This kind of attitude is in a way masturbatory. They have their hands down their pants fiddling with the numbers, instead of actually working out what would be the best infrastructure projects for the country to fund.

If only they were incompetent, rather than sinister. If they were just incompetent then by chance we could expect some of the times they’d get it right, but they consistently are choosing the worst options for New Zealand.

Steven Joyce, John Key, and all the National Party cronies who let them get away with it (and the idiots who vote for them) really are wankers.

Come on someone in Transport, or Treasury – leak. What really are the machinations needed to come out with such a bullshit report?

Let’s know all the names of the people who have committed Auckland to another 20 years of backwardness.




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31 05 2011

Nicely said.
As a Wellingtonian who has lived in Akl, but only ever travels there now when I’m leaving the country, I would still prioritize Auckland’s public transport over new roads into and out of Welly. And I get stuck in the traffic jams up the coast along with everyone else on holiday weekends – I know that sucks, but it’s nothing compared to the abysmal nature of Auckland’s public transport. It’s a heck of a lot better now than 8 years ago when I lived there – back then, if I tried to catch the train it would only show up one out of three times.
Auckland’s current transport systems are quite the joke overseas – and that’s got nothing to do with the roads.

1 06 2011

No swearing please…

5 06 2011

More swearing please…

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