WCC wants work to begin on Ngauranga-Petone cycleway

12 06 2011

There is some good news on the Dom Post. The Wellington City council wants design work to begin on the Great Harbour Way between Ngauranga and Petone to begin this coming financial year, instead of 2012/13.

From the news story:

Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown said the existing cycleway put people off, particularly as it stopped at Horokiwi.

“They end up facing the traffic, going the wrong way … There are some who are quite content to go on the 100kmh road, but family groups, and tourists, and people who are thinking about commuting, can be put off.”

That’s a little bit of an understatement from the Mayor. Most people really don’t want to get run over by a truck travelling 100 km/hr. I too am put off.

There is already a design document (the Boffa Miskell one) so I take it the WCC means a detailed design document.

And don’t forget my idea about crossing the Cake Tin (and going through the rail yards) to link Ngauranga to the Waterfront, because riding through Kaiwharawhara is a bit of a shambles.

And does anyone else like the idea that redeveloping Ngauranga station, and building in the airspace over the railway lines nearby would give Wellington another waterfront district? With the buildings’ backs to the motorway and their fronts to the cycleway and pedestrian promenade and harbour it could be quite a nice little spot. With an aerial gondola from Ngauranga to Newlands and Johnsonville it would also make the transport network have more of an interconnected network kind of thing happening, but that is a topic for an upcoming post.



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12 06 2011
Andy Kerr

I think this will become a great shared use running / cycling commuting track. Cyclists will still use the highway as they are quite entitled to, recreational cyclists will use the cycle lane and I would use it to run.

Currently I can’t run to work (Petone to Wellington) as I wouldn’t wish to run at the side fo the road.

12 06 2011
David Hancock

This will be the perfect next step to build on the Wellington to Wairarapa cycle trail. http://hancockshalfpage.blogspot.com/2011/04/pedalling-regional-collaboration.html

13 06 2011

I just couldn’t believe that this cycleway ended before the Petone overbridge. I drove by to see it – and it really does! I am lost for words to understand how this could have happened. Shortchanging comes to mind. A rail underpass to link it to the nearby reserve is a minimum requirement. This is a DEBT they owe us.

13 06 2011


And what there is is pretty crappy too. It floods after a little rain. It is covered in debris, and is only good when riding south. Riding north and you’d be riding the wrong way up Hutt Rd when it ends, as you say near the Petone overbridge.

It is also noisy. The extra distance from the road, that a path on the harbour side of the train tracks will have, will be a little quieter.

9 07 2012
Please help the NZTA with understanding Petone to Ngauranga « Wellington Region Cycleways

[…] is really late in the day for the NZTA tro be asking- the Wellington City Council knows what it wants and has for a long […]

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