The Bike Racks of Palmerston North

5 08 2011

One of these bike racks has landed near the Palmy i-Site.They’re all over the Wellington train network too. They must be cheap to install, but does anyone actually like this style of bike rack? Is this the kind of bike racks you get when you don’t ask cyclists what they would like?


I like the idea of the Parkiteer cages being installed around the Victorian rail network more.

This was spotted on the corner of George Street and Main Street West. Very nice.




4 responses

5 08 2011
Val Mills

Have no objection to the bike racks, Go Palmy cyclists

5 08 2011
brian peter drury

I think they look great, as long as I dont have to pay for them.

7 08 2011
Patrick Morgan

Yeah, the mushroom racks were the least popular style when I surveyed cycle parking at Wellington region rail stations last year.
The flash rubberised rack is from Bikerakk. Hastings recently installed a whole bunch of them.
Agree – I like the Parkiteer – but pricey to install. Bike Victoria sell these, and would love to find a customer in NZ.
Cost seems to be the main factor when it comes to bike racks.
WCC mainly uses the Sheffield design – perfectly practical if a little dull.
While in NYC – David Byrne came up with some stylish ideas.

21 08 2012

I actually tried once but could not figure out how to use the bike rack!!! I feel so dumb!

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