Protecting ourselves from a crazy man

13 08 2011

How do we tell this man we want cyclepaths and light rail lines instead of the Roads of National’s Stupidity? Thanks to the Dom Post’s cartoon which got it spot-on. Tell your friends to vote National and their minister for trucks and motorways out of office this November.

Dunedin could do with extra funding for it’s cycleway plans. Christchurch could rebuild into the city that it wants to be complete with trams. Auckland could do with a modern train network with a central loop, and Wellington needs a safe cycle route to Petone, and better, faster public transport links between Wellington Station and the southern and Miramar Peninsula suburbs. Real leadership is coming from the Mayors and Steven Joyce and John Key don’t know anything about running a modern city.

The 1950s have called and they want the National Party back.

The planned transport spend for the next few years is so unbalanced. Add up the first 6 columns in each year and compare it to the little Walking and Cycling column. Roads are getting over 400 times the funding of that cycling and walking is gonna get. Notice the tall blue columns in each year. That’s just about all unnecessary. That is what Joyce’s ego-trip is going to cost us, and that my friends is over $1,000,000,000.00 a year. A dollar a day per adult New Zealander for one man’s personality problem. Don’t be so blind as him this November.

If you’ve  ever seen Magic Highway 1958 on You Tube then you can see we’ve come a long way since then. Well all of us except for those with their blinkers on.




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24 11 2011
The obligatory election commentary « Wellington Region Cycleways

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