Pedestrians count for nought in Johnsonville

26 08 2011

This post is inspired by Auckland Transport Blog‘s post Why are we so mean to pedestrians? which asks the question why are pedestrian crossings often missing from traffic light controlled intersections. A couple slightly annoyed traffic engineers tried to defend the practice, but I think it pretty much boils down to pedestrians being disrespected.

This post is also inspired by my earlier posts about crap cycling infrastructure in Johnsonville – The Johnsonville Shambles and Fixing the Fraser Ave, Johnsonville Deathtrap. You can see from the photos below that nothing has got any better for cyclists and it’s really crap for pedestrians too.

If you are walking from Newlands and up Fraser Ave, then you can play Frogger at the intersection here. You can use the little island in the foreground, but there is no footpath on Fraser Ave if you get across the road.

And here’s a magic truck who thinks hazard lights makes him not get in the way of pedestrians.

But here is the reason for this post. There’s no pedestrian crossing on the south side of the Johnsonville and Broderick Road intersection. There are businesses on both sides of the road. You have to cross three signals to get from one corner to the other. Usually I try to cross the road between the two petrol stations, because the cars entering and exiting the petrol stations don’t give a damn about pedestrians either. And you see pedestrians crossing the road quite dangerously closer to the lights. I think the situation is substandard.

I’m sure that traffic engineers would  have a whinge and say that adding a pedestrian phase on the south side of the intersection would make traffic back up onto the motorway exit, but it does that anyway. The reason is that there are too many cars.

So WCC why are pedestrians disrespected in Johnsonville? And why has still nothing been done to improve cycle safety on Johnsonville Road, the main cycle route between Wellington and Porirua?

If there isn’t enough depth amongst the traffic engineering staff I offer to redesign the whole route through J’ville with best practice for peds and cyclists, and I’ll do it for nix. Just get in touch.




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12 09 2011
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[…] Shanks’ electorate office is about 50 metres from the absent pedestrian crossing detailed in Pedestrians count for nothing in Johnsonville. You’d think having an electorate office just metres from an obvious debacle and being an MP […]

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