Rugby World Cup is a good reason to go cycling or tramping

12 09 2011


Update No.2 Maurice Williamson was a ‘little boisterous’ during the game. Closed ranks. Nothing to see here. Move on everybody.


Update: It was one of Maurice Williamson, Jonathan Coleman and Wayne Mapp. They’re denying it ever happened. In the article PM Key said he expected his ministers to act appropriately. “I always expect my ministers to act in line with the responsibility and authority they hold.” Hopefully the truth will out, and we’ll hold the PM to that.

Who was the dickhead government minister
, who was such a bad sport on Sunday at North Harbour Stadium?

The public has a right to know who the buffoon is. Someone must know. Add a comment saying where different government ministers were on Sunday and we’ll find the boorish culprit by deduction.

Should that be another government minister called to resign? Or there is this one?

And another National list MP that has done nothing and is just a waste of space – Katrina Shanks’ electorate office is about 50 metres from the absent pedestrian crossing detailed in Pedestrians count for nothing in Johnsonville. You’d think having an electorate office just metres from an obvious debacle and being an MP for nearly 3 years means she could have helped put it right by now, or is she really there to just make up the numbers? If there was a crossing there then the half dozen fat, obviously drunk Welsh rugby supporters wouldn’t have been walking through oncoming traffic as I was dropping a friend off after a lovely day tramping in the Catchpool Valley.

A day’s tramp (or ride) is my answer to everything, especially if the question is “What game of rugby is on?”




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15 09 2011

Couldn’t agree more. Can’t stand the macho BS myself.

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