If Political Parties came on Freeview…

26 09 2011

First up a pertinent question after all the visual pollution has gone up in paddocks all over the country – Wouldn’t it require bright people to deliver a brighter future?

Next… What if political parties came on Freeview. (Yeah I know it is a moot point, since National would want you to pay for Sky and poor people could go without television, but let’s pretend for a while. It was a passing thought on a solo tramp, and here it is come to life)

Labor and National would be like the ones that are stuck at the front of the dial:

They’re seemingly dependable, they’re seemingly comfortable, they’ve been around for ages, they’re what you get by default and they’re largely crap. If you turn on the telly and couldn’t be bothered changing the channel, or only bother to press the button once, they’re the noise in the background.

Then there are the Greens. They’re slightly intellectual. Full of documentaries. And they’re the only channel that once broadcast the e squared transport series. And National want to shut them down lest any New Zealander have a thought for themselves.  So the Greens are obviously:

The Maori Party and the Mana Party are either:


but they’re not sure who represents who.

Then there is the Act Party. They’re like one of those 30 minute long Sunday morning infomercials for a Flab-blaster on Prime. They’re useless, only for the extremely thick and obese (or these days the serious stoned) and if someone embarrassingly buys one they use it once, find it doesn’t work, try to sell it on trade-me and have it at the back of a cupboard until the inevitable dumping in a landfill.

So who deserves to be on:

Well here is what I think. I think you should Party Vote Green.

If you look at the Green Party candidate list you’ll notice that with the vagaries of MMP and current polling of about 10% the Greens are going to get their first 12 candidates in. But if they get 11% they get their 13th member in and that is Julie Anne Genter. And who do you want in parliament, another lawyer, another accountant, another foreign currency speculator who takes glee in sacking people, or would you prefer we get a modern 21st century transport planner? Someone who understands modern urban planning, transport and land use, or someone who is a megalomaniacal motorway builder with a careless driving causing injury record to boot stuck in the 1950s?

A party vote for National means you couldn’t be bothered thinking about anything. You’re happy about pissing billions of dollars up the wall on unnecessary road projects. You’re happy about living in polluted towns and cities. You’re happy about having state-owned assets sold off for a song (only to rich New Zealanders – no foreigners to make the price too high) and then when you’re not looking they’ll change the rules (the price goes up in a different market) and sell at a profit to those foreigners. That sounds so much like what happened after the fall of the Soviet Union, when state-assets were “sold” for a song below their market value. Change the bloody channel. Maybe to TVN7. Tonight they had e squared Design. That’s cool.

We really do need brighter people in parliament to have a brighter future as a nation, but somehow they don’t come with a blue ribbon on their lapels. Remember my adage – never trust someone who wears a suit. Russel, Kevin, Gareth, David, lose the bloody ties. You look like wallies wearing ties.

Here’s Julie Anne explaining parking regulations: (There’s more on her site)

Minimum levels of bicycle parking and secure bicycle parking at every commercial site instead of mandatory car parking – now there’s a good idea.



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24 11 2011
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