A postcard from Darwin

5 10 2011

I recently got sent these lovely photos from Darwin. This is the Rapid Creek bike path out in the northern Darwin suburb of Nightcliff. It looks like a really nice type of off-road bike path that are all too few in our towns and suburbs. Wide enough and smooth enough and far enough away from roads. Judging by the shadows it’s near the middle of the day and that probably explains the lack of cyclists. In the cool of the morning or evening I’m sure there’d be more.

My photo senders love spending their time birdwatching and they are known to take the odd beautiful photo. Here is one such, a comb-crested jacana.

Thanks Jill and Ian.




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5 10 2011

I was in Darwin a few weeks ago and can confirm that they’re expanding their network of off-road bike paths. There’s a map at:

Unfortunately the two bike hire places are closed over the weekend, so we didn’t get to ride any of the paths.

6 10 2011
Elvis Z

Are you saying that paved lined ‘road’ is an off-road cycleway? It is hard to gain a perspective.

6 10 2011

Off-road as in not a cycle lane on a road. Not off-road as in a dirt track.

So often we get some unrideable gravel as a cycle track and are told to be happy with it, but on anything but the fattest tyres they can be unrideable. See the Waikanae River cycle-tracks for an example. Smooth surfaces on a not-by-a-road cycle track is a high standard that we should aspire to. Commuter bikeways should be of a high standard. See also QE Park in Kapiti. We’re told we’re getting a commuter cycleway but it will be a rough surface. Great for leisure riding, but rubbish for commuting.

6 10 2011
Elvis Z

Depends what you ride I guess.
Actually I wasn’t questioning what is an off-road path, I was more just wondering if I was looking at a picture of a road or a cycle path. You just can’t tell. That’s pretty cool.

6 10 2011

The trees would be giants if that was a road, but yeah I know what you mean.

20 10 2011

Funny to see my home town on the Wellington cycle blog. πŸ˜‰
Yes this is a shared cycle/pedestrian path. It covers quite a distance along the coast in the Northern Suburbs and links in with other paths in the area.
This section is the widest and most recently re-paved part of the path but most of the actual bicycle paths are pretty good here. However we do have some issues. There are areas in great need of cycle paths but have been completely neglected, despite lobbying.
One of the problems now faced along this stretch of path is that cyclists often ride too fast along this beautifully smooth section of path and the lines in the middle lead people to believe that they’re on a ‘bicycle only highway’ which makes it somewhat hazardous for pedestrians. There are children’s playgrounds along this path and some cyclists take little care when approaching children, often expecting them to stick to the left and obey the ‘traffic rules’ as would be expected on a road… Small kids and Dogs don’t know those rules yet so unfortunately there have been a few unnecessary collisions. Although we have the infrastructure, many of us lack the basic roadmanship skills to use it. πŸ˜‰

Thanks for this post. Ultimately, Darwin is an awesome place to ride a bike.

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