The obligatory election commentary

24 11 2011

On Saturday this site has to go off-line for the day so to stay within the electoral laws (I don’t understand why, and it seems pretty dumb to me) and I hope you all turn the voting experience into a positive activity, by walking or cycling to your nearest booth and casting your ballots.

If you are still undecided then to help here are some posts across my blogs to help you decide. (National betray us again. Piss Weak Nick Smith should ResignAnother Backwards Step. 7 bicycles per year. If Political Parties came on Freeview. Steven Joyce should Resign. National’s White Elephant. Protecting Ourselves from a Crazy Man. Combating Arrogance this November. National’s road building is an expensive white elephant.) Yeah there might be a theme there. Don’t vote for the mediocre or shithouse ones. Vote for the champions.

Trawling through all my old posts the above linked ones are probably my least favourites, and my favourite ones are about the rides I’ve done. But how could I forget this old link from 2 years ago – Boyzvoice’s Cousin from a Norwegian movie, and this version is taped off SBS 1. (Currently in NZ (but for how much longer?) you can pick up the Tasmanian SBS signals on Vertical Polarity on the Optus D1 satellite with a 90cm dish. And the 2 channels are heaps better than anything on NZ TV – Same satellite as Freeview and Sky, different polarity – get a dual LNB)

The girl on the bike is your reward for reading this far.

Fingers crossed for Saturday.



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