Still under mediocrity rule

26 11 2011

50% of people are below average by definition, and tonight nearly all of them voted National. Auckland will have to wait 3 more years to progress their rail plans, but then after 3 years there won’t be any money for any rail projects since National are going to send us into huge debt for its stupid motorway plans. An unbridled National is going to be a rude shock, and I predict a lot of the mediocre, low-information voters are going to regret voting the way they did today.

Interesting the polls in the Herald and the Fairfax press were all found to be so wrong. National got 48.0% of the party vote. What happened to the 53% and 54% those mainstream media polls were predicting? Hey that’s outside their published error rates. I think they’ve been shown to be biased propaganda rather than objective polls. I hope someone does a full analysis. I hope the newspapers publish apologies to all their readers.

It’s great to see the back of most of the ACT Party. And it is great to see the Greens get more members into parliament. Congrats Julie Anne.

Thankyou MMP for saving the country from a wipeout. 52% didn’t vote National. Thankyou each and everyone of you in that 52%. Unfortunately we’re still under mediocrity rule.  3 years is a long time to wait for positive change. It looks like MMP is going to stay, so this born to rule mob can’t take democracy away from us. (Although they would if given a chance – they want to win 75% of the seats with that 48% vote. It was bloody rude of them to force the referendum onto us.)

I predict a 3 year delay in the Ngauranga-Petone cycleway. I predict we’ll be a fatter and sadder lot as we build more motorways and tie our future even further to mandatory motoring. We’re going to be stuck more in traffic.

There is no hope for improved air quality, as I bet Nick Smith is going to put further delays on implementing clean air laws, whilst still 1100 people are going to die due to wood smoke every year. Kiwi kids are still going to have asthma rates 6 times the world average. That’s woodsmoke for you, picking its victims indiscriminately.

The Basin Reserve is fucked.

Pautahanui Inlet is going to be silted up quicker.Battle Hill Park is stuffed.

Our conservation lands are going to be more overrun with deer and possums as DOC gets further squeezed.

More of us are going to be out of work. More of us are going to be living in poverty. More of us are going to be living in Australia. The minimum wage there is NZ$18.76.

I scrutineered the count in a rural Horowhenua booth tonight. I still wonder why most of my neighbours voted National. Why? I can’t think of any reason why anybody would? I can believe they did what the newspapers told them to with their bullshit polls, or the 4 times as many as everyone else blue billboards told them to. I don’t believe they thought about it very much. You get what you vote for (at least under MMP) and too many were mediocre and voted for the mediocre lot.



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26 11 2011

I like this post, (but can’t click “like” as am not a registered member and I can’t be bothered to sign up). For anyone interested in a balanced, integrated transport policy, today’s election result makes it a sad day. National’s transport policy is simply perpetuating the mistakes of the 1960’s and 70’s. They have learned absolutely nothing, and neither have any of the blind beetles that voted them in.

26 11 2011

What a rubbish blog – sorry, but you are a bitter, sad little man who doesn’t know what he is talking about.

Leave the politics and economic growth to the adults who actually contribute to the economy and want to move the country forwards.

I “scrutineered” (as you say) all my friends who run businesses and have young families and actually generate positive net income for our economy – the answer was the same across the board – if you vote Labour, billions gets borrowed and taxed to bribe people to become dependent on the State as beneficiaries and public servants, ensuring they are future Labour voters locked in for life – if you vote National you get the chance of being part of moving NZ forwards for all Kiwis and being rewarded for working hard. Your family doesn’t get penalised or marginalised as you would under a greedy, envious, bribing Labour government.

Give up your blogging, it is truly, truly terrible.

26 11 2011

Seth, unfortunately you are one of the 50% below average.

You’ve fallen for untruths, myths and misconceptions. Check out how much National has borrowed. $12.8 billion in the last financial year. That’s a NZ record. Debt went down under the 9 years of Labour and up over the last 3 under National. Conservatives have failed us. Wages haven’t gone up with productivity. They will fail us again. More people are going to slip from the middle down. More people are on benefits and out of work under this National government. More debt and more people living in poverty. They’ll probably up the GST again and give tax cuts for the rich. Middle income people will get more in hand and pay out more at the supermarket. More of the poor will be shopping at food banks. All those small businesses won’t have any
new customers because the low and middle won’t have any money to spend.

“If you vote National you get the chance of being part of moving NZ forwards ” – nah it just means you haven’t thought about it very hard.

It’s going to be a bleak 3 years and the conservatives will fail us again, as they always do.

Are you the same Seth that wrote this on the Dom Post?:
“A) beneficiary B) low income person envious of successful people C) public servant scared that their meaningless job will evaporate? Everyone knows that 95% of left voting people come from the above 3 groups of people – i.e. people who are bottom feeders, riding on the shoulders of hard working kiwis.”

OK you’re definitely a dick.

For what it is worth – Professional engineer with graduate certs and diplomas, working in private business, living comfortably, within my means, on acreage. Supports spending money on cycleways and improving the quality of life and quality of air for everyone to enjoy. Smart enough to recognise that conservatives offer us nothing.

27 11 2011

Hate to say this, but one of the reasons voting national this election was the fact Labour was going to increase borrowing. Possibly the biggest point of your post was the debt we will inherit for Nationals RONs. Just saying it kind of makes you think who is smart enough really doesn’t it?

National didn’t get over 50% but still posted a record 48% since MMP was set-up in NZ. Although I agree with having more cycleways and increasing Public Transport, when we are in the economic times we are facing, it’s not the time to increase borrowing.

27 11 2011


Especially not the time to increase borrowing for infrastructure projects with BCRs lower than 1.0, like the Holiday Highway and Transmission Gully.

64% of eligible voters did not vote National. They haven’t got a mandate for anything.

And National could still be a minority government with the special votes to count, and the Maori Party could still change sides. Weirder things could happen.

Plus is it really true that Labour would borrow more? National hold the record at $12.8 billion for 2010/2011. It sounds like you’ve been had by some National Party propaganda.

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