Mt Vic Mountain Buster

5 12 2011

This is fantastic. There is an artist in Welly called Tony Anderson and he has a fantastic website called Wellington 2010 2020 <= Click on that. It won’t be a wasted visit. If you were shy click here.

He has a really nice style, and he has some interesting ideas to do with bicycles and public transport. I love his Mt Vic Mountain Buster where there is a tunnel drilled into the side of Mt Victoria, and an elevator takes cyclists to the summit so that cyclists can ride down with huge smiles on their faces. It is of course something that Whanganui did 95 years ago. (See my post on the Gondola Project).

I like his ideas for Kent and Cambridge Terraces, and his bike charging pods. And I like his 4 bridges. It’s all fabtastic.

Some of my own ideas for Wellington – a bike track across the Cake-tin Concourse, various Welly ideas, ferries for Evans Bay, ferries for Porirua. Put those ideas together with Tony’s and I think you’ve got a better plan for Wellington than destroying a historic cricket ground with a motorway flyover.

Another artist, from Brisbane not Welly, who I think is great – Recombinant Records.




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