Wellington Region Updates

15 02 2012

I updated my post on a Days Bay to Wainuiomata gondola by tramping the route and taking some nice photos

and …

The Rimutaka Rail Trail is no longer under threat. The group behind it have withdrawn their submission to the GWRC. It’s back to the drawing board for them, and I hope they come up with some plan to play trains which adds to Wellington rather than stuffing up a loved cycleway. They were definitely worthy of our scorn at the time.

Thanks to all the people and organisations who stood up for the users of the rail trail. We won.

Except … on the Trust’s website – it seems it is only a tactical retreat.

Application to Greater Wellington withdrawn

After careful consideration of our position, the Trust has withdrawn its current application to Greater Wellington Regional Council for a concession to reinstate the former railway route from Maymorn to Summit.

The Trust now has a much clearer picture of the work to be done to rebuild the former railway route. We thank all parties who have submitted and particpated in this process – we will review the information carefully and explore changes that might be made to improve and enhance the heritage railway proposal.


“The Trust now has a much clearer picture of the work to be done to rebuild the former railway route.” This really pisses me off. They don’t get it. Nobody wants the cycleway stuffed up. The former railway route is now a cycleway. Get your grubby mitts off our cycleway.





3 responses

15 02 2012
Keith F

Its definitly a stratagy to con funding organisations into giving them more money for the railway to nowhere. Think about it, they havnt actully been told no, but the overwelming evidence in the report by GWRC points to the council not being able to give them permission to use the trail even if they wanted to. That is of corse forgetting what a hair brain scheme the whole thing is anyway, promoted by a bunch of out casts from all the other Wellington heritage groups. I would hope that there will be a full and proper investigation into how and why several funders gave this group money for something that had no legal basis for being approved. That raises a heck of a lot of questions.

15 02 2012

Yep Keith. I think the GWRC committee that was going to look into it should take the report they commissioned and table it, plus they should still consider the original application that has been withdrawn by the Trust and say what the outcome would have been. i.e. a big fat No Way, Eff off, Get Effed. We don’t ever want to see their face again.

16 02 2012
Keith F

By the sounds of it that won’t be happening and the RIR is going to have another go at trying to sneak it through, even though there is no legal possibility of it happening with out legislitive change. So much more rate payer money will be wasted…….

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