It didn’t take long.

7 03 2012

From the Wairarapa News the Rimutaka Incline Stupid Railroad plan is to be resubmitted.




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7 03 2012
Tom Halliburton

The railway will destroy most of the attractive features of the existing rail trail, including long straights, sweeping curves, steady grades. The comparison that Mr McCracken makes with Otago Central Rail Trail is apt – there is no parallel railway there.
He also claims that walkers plans will not be ruined by bad weather. This is because they will be ruined at all times by the railway. Besides, a train trip is not a substitute for a walking or cycling expedition.
Cycle one way, walk the other, if you can afford the fare, and are interested in a much inferior trail to the current one.

7 03 2012

Indeed I don’t know why Mr McCracken mentions the Otago Central Rail Trail. It hasn’t been messed up by a private group wanting to ruin it by rebuilding the tracks and running the odd tourist train on it. The OCRT is still great because he hasn’t fucked it up for everyone.

17 03 2012

Haha, love the picture. Very apprioriate.

Will just have to wait to see what they come up with this time. Can’t see how they are going to change it enough to make it viable.

It is odd comparing it to the Otago rail trail, which is successful because it runs on an old railway alignment, without trains! Imagine the outcry if Kiwirail decided to rebuild the railway 🙂

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