Please help the NZTA with understanding Petone to Ngauranga

9 07 2012

I can’t quite believe that they really need to ask, when the obvious solution is a separated waterfront cycle path and walkway on the east side of the railway line, but the NZTA is looking for feedback at this Survey Monkey address for what the Petone to Ngauranga cycle link should be.

Design it around safety, and noise and make it pleasant – and the answer is obvious – a seaside walkway/cycle path of at least 5 metres width and fully paved and regularly swept.

It is really late in the day for the NZTA to be asking- the Wellington City Council knows what it wants and has for a long time.

And it is no good stopping at Ngauranga, as it should go on through Kaiwharawhara (avoiding the current shambles), across the Cake Tin concourse and to the Waterfront.

It’d also be a mighty fine idea to link it to the Ngaio Gorge cycleway.

To quote the below average commenters on any Dom Post story about Transmission Gully, just get on and build it already (The Great Harbour Way, that is, not Transmission Gully)

Go on do the survey, and help the NZTA understand.