Repeat Drunk-Drivers should not be on the road

25 08 2012

It is with absolute horror that I read today (in the Dom Post) that Kenneth Morgan, a Tawa man with 23 convictions and an “indefinite ban”, has been given his driver’s license back.

Repeat drunk drivers kill.

Mr Morgan hasn’t given up drinking, and he thinks he can drive more safely drunk than a normal sober driver.

It wasn’t too long ago that we were riding in a memorial ride for a cyclist killed by another repeat drunk driver.

Alison Downer at her trial for killing teacher Frank Van Kampen

And whilst I feel a little bad about putting up a photo of a little old woman. I am still angry at her for killing Mr Van Kampen and I am still angry at her family for letting their alcoholic mum and grandma anywhere near the keys of a car.

Alcoholism is a sad and tragic disease, but alcoholics who do have a history of flaunting the law, and who continually drive drunk should not be allowed to get on the road when there are vulnerable users like pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers who use those same roads.

There should be mandatory lifetime bans (that cannot be revoked as it appears is has been for Mr Morgan) for all repeat drunk drivers. 3rd offence and that’s it, they’re never, ever getting behind the wheel of a car again.

I call on the Transport Minister, Gerry Brownlee, to intercede in this case, and to revoke Mr Morgan’s driver’s license immediately before a child walking to school, or a cyclist, or ten people waiting at a bus-stop, are killed by him.




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