Improvements in Whanganui’s cycleways

26 08 2012

I had a revisit to Whanganui. My last post about the cycle paths along the river was a couple years back. I had a nice sunny walk up and down both banks.

There were two small improvements of note:

1. On the west side of the river there’s a new cyclists’ underpass going in under the Dublin St bridge to cut out the need to cycle through the busy roundabout. It’s almost finished, and you can see work in progress under the far side of the bridge in the photo below. This I think is a great decision of the City Council. Well done.

The Dublin St bridge.

2. On Somme Parade the on-road cycle lane has a painted dashed yellow line, which is an essential, usually much overlooked, part of every on-road cycle lane to keep it being blocked by parked cars. Again well done.

The yellow dashed line is an essential part of an on-road cycle lane

There are also a few new signs showing the route of part of the National Cycleway:

Closer here to the sea than the mountains

There were a number of cyclists out and about in the winter sun, and the odd pedelec, but proving the point that two-stroke assisted bicycles have no place being on any cycleway was this young guy. I’ve smudged his face as I don’t want to dob him in, but if he reads this and recognises himself – your bike sucks, and get off the cycle path:

Petrol engines on bicycles are an annoyance for their noise and fumes.



2 responses

7 09 2012

Dont know how many times I saw cars parked in the cyclelane going round Oriental Bay/Evans Bay. Could be solved by painting no parking lines, but no. Too much hard work and common sense for WCC.

7 09 2012

Malcolm, I agree. The best thing WCC could do is paint a whole lot of yellow paint in a whole lot of places. Well that and ban smoking in all public places, but that’s another story.

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