The missing pedestrian crossings of Wellington

14 09 2012

These are three traffic light controlled  intersections in Wellington where I’ve been walking and where there isn’t a provision for a pedestrian crossing for the corner where I’ve been to the corner I wanted to go. i.e. their design is in some way lacking.

First up is Tory and Wakefield Street: Walking south on the west side of Tory St I got to the corner of Wakefield Street and looked up to see no pedestrian crossing. Wakefield St is one way so I guess they are maximising the cars that can pass through, and pedestrians are just a lower priority, even though this is in the CBD and cities are for people, or so I mistakenly thought. This is one problem that can definitely be fixed when we dust off the Gehl Report. But it is also a problem that could be fixed right now.

where's the crossing?

The next is near the station, and its the Bunny Street intersection with Waterloo Quay. This one is missing two. One at the northern side of the intersection and the other is on the south side of Bunny Street. The useful crossing here is the one from the station corner across the diagonal of the offset intersection, which is the most direct link between the station and the waterfront. Again when we have finished the urban bypass, and dust off the Gehl report, we can slow the traffic down on the Quays and prioritise pedestrians as they should be in a city. And again, why wait? Why not change the intersection now?

This one I’ve written about before in my post Pedestrians count for nought in Johnsonville. It’s the Broderick and Johnsonville Roads intersection. From above:

From street level:

And is it just me, but does the Michael Fowler Centre look like a toilet from above?




2 responses

16 09 2012
Michael Lowe

Nice. You will be spoiled for choice when you start looking at the classic disappearing footpaths in Wellington. This is when the footpath finishes leaving you stranded and most often forced to J-walk a blind corner!

16 09 2012

Michael, Whereabouts is one of these disappearing footpaths?

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